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Skopelos Experience

Discover the authentic Skopelos!

Skopelos Experience combines authentic Greek street food with the island’s natural landscape and fascinating activities!

Our goal?

To help you get to know the authentic Skopelos, enjoy street food in nature and learn its secrets and charms so well, that you will end up loving this island as much as we do.

About us

We are two friends that love our homeland, healthy diet and nature!

We love cooking with fresh, pure products, we find exciting any kind of outdoor sports activities, and taking care of animals is for us a source of inspiration, joy and creativity!

Living in one of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean, the emerald island of Skopelos, we decided to find a way to combine all the things we love!

So, we created a wonderful location in Ditropon, a place combining:

Street food with fresh, local ingredients.
Outdoor activities for people of all ages in the beautiful forests of the island and its unrivalled waters.
Getting to know the natural landscape of Skopelos, as well as the cute animals of our farm!
Skopelos Experience offers you the unique opportunity to experience the authentic charms of Skopelos – and life as well, bringing you closer to nature and the wonderful gifts it so generously offers us.

Wonderful Location

Skopelos Experience is located in a wonderful location in Ditropon, engulfed by pine trees, firs, and olive trees. Wishing to get you as close as possible to the island’s wonderful landscape, we have kept our facilities as simple as possible.

Some refreshing shade, green grass, a playground, some comfortable seats and tables – and plenty of space for games, relaxation, and fun for all your family and friends!

And if you have time and the mood for it, you could keep some company to the cute animals of our farm!

Traditional Flavours from Local Ingredients

Blending our love for prime street food with pure, local products from Skopelos, we prepare for you unique delicacies, personalised to your own diet preferences!

Traditional flavours, comfort food, vegetarian, vegan: everything exclusively from fresh ingredients from our farm and genuine local products, cooked with respect for their natural scents and nutrients, and served in the most beautifully decorated restaurant of the world – nature itself, under the starry sky and amidst hundred-year-old trees.

And if you are well-versed in the mysteries of gastronomy, then you will be pleased to know that we organise special food-tasting seminars!

Amazing Outdoor Activities in the Most Beautiful Island of the Aegean

Skopelos is enchanting because it combines emerald waters with dense, green forestlands. Skopelos Experience helps you discover it, by organising for you fantastic activities in both the sea and the mountain, from water sports and bike ventures in picturesque trails to SUP and cliff diving!

We know the island and its sightseeing inch by inch – and it’s our pleasure to help others discover its charming secrets!

With a positive attitude, we can organise for you, your friends and family, the most beautiful holiday adventure!

Start your day with a nice brunch, explore the hiking trails of Ditropon, enjoy a hearty meal and then rest for a while under a shade on our farm. Next, dive into the azure waters of a nearby shore, enjoy your favourite water sport, lose yourselves in the captivating sunset vista and end your night unwinding with local beer under the full moon.

Yes, Skopelos Experience is the only place in Skopelos blending amazing high-quality food and wonderful activities in the heart of nature!

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