The Skopelos Experience landscape is located in Ditropo area which is surrounded by rich greenery and just 2 km from Panormos Bay, and 4 km from Milia beach, two of the best beaches on the island.
There are several tourist attractions around which influence tourists  to the particular destination. Popular tourist activities can take place in specific area. 

Skopelos Town and Glossa Village are both 20-minute drive away as Panormos is Located to the middle of this distance.


There are buses from 7:30 in the morning until 11:30 in the evening,
SKOPELOS – GLOSSA route, passing from popular beaches such as Panormos, and Kastani at a cost of 1€ to 2,50€, depending the route.

Taxi’s cost around 25€ from Skopelos to Panormos in a 15min route and 30€ From Panormos to Glossa in a 25 minute route.

You can ask for a stop in DITROPO AREA at SKOPELOS EXPERIENCE.

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